Build Your Flagman: Construction
Build Your Flagman: Construction
Build Your Flagman: Construction

Urban Officer

Inform and enforce

Inform drivers, pedestrians, and other passer byes of warnings and other important messaging. Great for CCTV surveillance, private property, and security gates; as well as provide directions for airport security lines, police checkpoints, roadside accidents, and other emergency applications. Choose from multiple pre-made configurations or contact Flagmen to see how we can customize to match a specific police department’s uniform code.

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Next Level Signage

Available in numerous styles and configurations, Flagmen can handle a large array of applications.

  • Inform visitors/customers of CCTV and other security measures
  • Private Property and Do NOT ENTER notifications
  • Security Gate Instructions and notifications
  • Accident and Emergency Management
  • Airport Security messaging and instructions

*Not MUTCD or FHWA Compliant. Federal, state, and local laws apply.

Product Specs

Choose from a variety of arm configurations, mobility and power options. A collection of site concious stands are available to fit your location needs, whether it’s a simple Fairweather stand, a cart base stand for easy mobility, or a folding stand for condensed storage, the options are endless.

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