Build Your Flagman: Construction
Build Your Flagman: Construction
Build Your Flagman: Construction


Improve Dock and Port messaging

Direct visitors, point out safety precautions, or simply emphasize dock rules with the Dock Flagman. Fluorescent safety overalls and custom options help you deliver your message on docks, boats, piers and other water related locations.

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Next Level Signage

Available in numerous styles and configurations, Flagmen can handle a large array of applications.

  • Dock and Port Safety
  • Instructions on life vests and other PPE requirements
  • Dock and Port Rules and Regulations
  • Visual aids for trucks and equipment operators

*Not MUTCD or FHWA Compliant. Federal, state, and local laws apply.

Product Specs

Choose from a variety of arm configurations, mobility and power options. A collection of site concious stands are available to fit your location needs, whether it’s a simple Fairweather stand, a cart base stand for easy mobility, or a folding stand for condensed storage, the options are endless.

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